Jun 26, 2013

Another Naive wife has turned Naughty.  Jake has done it again.  This was an adventurous read. 
Sean and Brigid have a wonderful relationship, but of course being Naïve leaves her lacking in the sexual department.  She has been missing out with Sean, and he wants the best for her, he wants to make her feel good; make her learn to love sex and the benefits from it.
Sean encourages Brigid to take some Boudiour Photos for him, just knowing she’s probably going to say No, but hey it’s worth a shot right?  Brigid surprises Sean and decides to do this for him.  What an experience this will be for the both of them.  A major event in their marriage is about to happen.   They are both in for a shock. 
Jump in to this book with excitement for Brigid and Sean and their amazing adventure with Photography!!!!

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  1. Thanks for great review, I look forward to reading it now, loved the other one ciao bella