Jul 28, 2013

A beautiful poem written about Marilyn Monroe by Jeffery L. Smith

~Little Starlet~
June 5, 2013 at 2:22am
~♥~ Written June 1st, 2013 #1308
~ Little Starlet ~ Jeffrey L. Smith

Of all of the stars whether skyward or screen, none of them shone, like our dear Norma Jean,
So longing to love with so much to give, Left cold and alone, yet really never to live
They selfishly took, they painfully stole,
Until nothing was left, of your tattered young soul

~Dear little starlet
all covered in grace,
~The memories you've left
will never erase,
~Dear little starlet
no more pain, no more fears
~While you lied there alone,
and you drowned in your tears

Born a commodity,
in the flesh that she wore
Sexily used, as Hollywood's whore,
When a soul yearns to love
it will always give all,
Its pride and its dignity
often willing to fall,
but there's no shame that's greater
Or more painfully known,
than that of the ones, who left her alone

~Dear little starlet
all covered in fears,
~While those who claimed loved you
simply encouraged your tears,
~Dear little starlet
how you died all alone,
~With no one to love you
and no heart to call home

In having no one to really confide in
the pain that you felt,
And so well would hide in
as strong as you were,
Some things just don't tell lies
like the aloneness, and sadness,
That I see in your eyes
Broken and tattered shattered and torn,
such a price for ones fame
should never be worn

And to those who claimed loved her
and yet left her in pain,
Alone in her storm
to die in her rain,
One question I have
to who've claimed to be true,
While she lay there and dying
where was the love from you....

~Dear little starlet
never again to be seen,
~Who's light shines more brightly
be it skyward or screen,
~Dear little starlet though their headlines remain
Please always know, you died not in vain...... ~Jeffrey L. Smith~

Written on June 1st, 2013, on what would've been, her 87th Birthday. I wrote this for her but, as well the very ones, who although may be gone, their souls still must carry the load and burden of leaving her alone, when she needed someone, anyone, most! To all Marilyn lovers, this is for you too, in our mutual love and adoration of the great, beautiful woman she was and, shall always be. Enjoy,....

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