Jul 21, 2013

A Poem from a Dear Friend!

 To My Little Red Riding Hood
Oh my dear little sweet so pretty in red, While these visions of you they dance in my head.

Inside of a forest we soon both shall meet, And it's there that I'll taste you your wet basket so sweet,

For there's no better rhyme nor no better reason, Than to eat you alive within any season,

So my dear little angel all pretty in red, As you writhe and you moan from this wolf's shaft of led,

I'll meet you at grandma's and upon you I'll feast, For my dear little lover it's the nature of this beast,

What big eyes I do have and so willing to greet you, But not nearly as big as my tongue as it eats you,

So my dear little hood so pretty and sweet, As I spread you before me and I lick your sweet meat,

So far you will come from any tisket or tasket, When this wolf slides inside you and he throbs in your basket,

It's the call of the wild I'm a beast little child, I'll wait in the bush As I watch you and smile,

Dinner's at eight and I can hardly wait, I'll eat you alive Baby don't you be late,

No longer a fairy tale no my dear, it's now true, About a wolf you befriended who now swells within you,

As I rip of your cape and your panties all red, And I lick your sweet basket on your own grandmas bed,

While your first moans of pain soon turn then to pleasure, As you beg not to stop to this wolf's beastly treasure,

Never again to forget my sweet little hood, And the beast that you found in the hungry dark woods,

For there's much to be said about nature's sweet treats, And the longing to taste them within this wolf of a beast,

So proceed with much caution cause baby, it's true Nothing more this wolf hungers than the moistness of you.

Your Loving, Big Bad Gentle Wolfy!!

1 comment:

  1. Your Loving Big Bad Gentle Wolfy has a way with words making one feel like putting on their own red cape
    A Unique and lovely poem to read from your dear friend, Lady J
    ciao Bella