Feb 10, 2014

Nights of Seduction

Richard Sands new Erotic Romance novel, "Nights of Seduction"

"Somewhere behind her she heard the steady ticking of a clock. Each tick seemed to match the pounding of her heart. Minutes seemed like hours as she sat breathless in front of the fire, naked and alone." What happens to Christine should happen to every woman at least once in her life.

With this book being the First published book for Richard Sands I was highly impressed. His writing skills are wonderful. He pulls you right in with the story and makes you want to stay till it’s over. There is not a lot of unnecessary writing in the book. Just the right amount to get you hooked. Nights of Seduction will leave you wanting more of what Amadour has to offer.
Christine and Lara in this book find what it means to be loved and adored, and also learn how to deal with some personal demons they have lurking within themselves. Amadour sets out to help these girls find the life they crave to have by showing them that their demons are just an excuse to hide inside their loveless marriages they a have. He makes these girls feel confident and sexy and determined. He gives them a whole new perspective on their lives. Amadour showers then with the love and affection they have been missing for years.

There was nothing in this book I didn't like other than I cannot wait for the next one to be available. I highly recommend this book who loves to read “Romantica”. It’s got the Romance we all crave and the Erotica we love

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