May 5, 2014

You In Me

~~~~~~~~You In Me ~~~~~~

When I lay me down to sleep
you're all I see you're all I seek,
and every twitch my body makes
it's always you for whom it aches

When I wake your always there
my baby girls long flowing hair,
and as the winds so gently blow
they carry you, to this mans soul,

No Sun will shine if not for you
my skies stay dark, never blue,
moon and stars without a glow
within my pain, do they all know

Of all the seas, so changing tides
none can erase, this love inside,
as the waves, they meet my feet
your flowing love, I wait to greet,

And although my body lays alone
it so waits for you, to call it home,
and with every breath of air I take
I pray my love, you don't forsake,

For if you would just let me sleep
Just die right here, no reason to be,
if I'm not to wake to feel your love
my sun wont shine, or stars above,

Although this man he lays and sleeps
he hopes to wake to a love so sweet,
cause I love you baby, can't you see
no reason to wake if no You In Me.

by Jeff Smith

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