Jun 8, 2013

Chase Boehner Erotic Escapades Review

Erotic Escapades; short, sexy, erotic, and fun.  As I read this collection of stories I had a smile on my face the whole time.  Chase has a way to make you laugh, all the while making you yearn for what is happening next.
I like how he connects the stories together.  There is excitement in his writing that will just pull you into the story.
Allen and Annie’s relationship is like no other.  The love they share is a magic. Their trust is mesmerizing.  Allen loves to fill Annie’s fantasies all the while filling his own.  Their life adventure is one I want to continue to explore.
Sharing Kate; well that was just hot, hot, hot!!  The change of events in this story was shocking.  And I loved every minute of it.   I would have never guessed the outcome of this one, but I liked it a lot.  Leaves you excited for more “Escapades” for Kate and Carter.
Keeping Kara, boy was she surprised.  I really like the take charge kinda guys that Sam and Logan have turned out to be!!  This story however really makes you want to learn more about the techniques used with the scene.  For me anyway!!  It’s amazing and sexy in more ways than one.
Wait we can’t forget Cassie and Brad.  Now where is this relationship going?  I am sure Angie and Dale are going to be great teachers for these two.  This will be a fun one for sure.
 Keep up the wonderful work Chase and continue to “SHOCK and AWE” me!!!!!

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