Jun 8, 2013

Jake has found another Naïve wife.  This time she is a real gambler.  Brenda and Pete have a real Vanilla relationship.  Sex once a week and no variations to any of it.   Brenda is such a good girl, she doesn’t realize what she wants or could be. 
Vicki; Pete and Brenda’s neighbor, has them over for some adult pool parties, and nudges Brenda to play some competition poker.  Little does Brenda know the ultimate motive behind the games.  Vicki knows that Pete would love more form their relationship than he is getting, so Vicki has set out to help him get just that.
I really liked this book, it was a fun and exciting read.  I was so anxious to see what was next up for Brenda. I couldn’t wait till each week arrived.

 I feel you anyone who read the book will enjoy it as much as I have.   Jake did a wonderful job with this short.  Let’s Play some Poker!!!

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