Jun 8, 2013

The words in the story really create the perfect picture.  The words are a work of art themselves.  The story is going to be the same once it all is out there.  There was so much passion in the writing you can just feel it when you read.  
Princess Tammera is a sensual woman and she caresses that with all her being.   I was a little shocked at how the first part of the story played out.  Well I was shocked because it ended up a little different than what I was trying to expect.  But all good stories do that right?
I have only read part one of this story and I am anxiously awaiting the reveal of what it to come with the rest of it.  I am sure the dwarf, and his buddies will be playing a big part.  
I am so excited to get to finish this story, and I highly recommend this wonderful story for all to read.

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