Aug 4, 2013

~Behind These Blue Eyes~

June 5, 2013 at 2:40am
~♥~ Written June 4th, 2013. 10:17 p.m #1309
By, ~Jeffrey L. Smith~

~ Behind these Blue eyes~
You say your my friend, as you reach for my hand
wanna get in my mind, run away to new land,
all that you say, that you want me to do
its all there babe, it's all there for you,

As you look in my eyes, and my tears start to fall
ask me what's wrong, as my soul starts to crawl,
and right at that moment, you begin then to see
the pain in your friend, the pain that's in me,

~If I could babe, I'd give you the skies
the moon and the stars, 'behind these blue eyes"
~But the fear that they hold, in sharing their pain
is learning to trust, in another again

You tell me I'm all that you ever could want
I've heard it before, this life how they haunt,
so lost in this world, and my heart how it cries
Baby just hold me, don't look in these eyes,

For the the horrors they've known, and emptiness felt
the coldest of rain, and their drops as they pelt,
On this heart as it bleeds, as I hand it to you
please baby don't hurt it, one more and it's through

~If I possibly could, I'd give you the skies
be your moon and your stars, void of their cries,
~But baby I'm scared, in sharing my pain
tell me you'll shelter, these blue eyes from rain

I'm beginning to learn, that while striving I must
open my heart, and in yearning to trust,
The words as you whisper, your love to my soul
are today's truly given, not tomorrows heart stole

Cause baby I want it, from morning to night
please hold me close, and say it's alright,
For just like a child, through the years as it learns
is me that same friend, who's heart it so yearns,
To feel one so close, and never let go
of the one it can trust, in rain sleet or snow

~If you possibly can't, and my heart takes the fall
then it's better to've tried, than never at all,
~And once all again, those clouds fill my skies
alone once again,"behind these blue eyes".... ~Jeffrey L. Smith~

To all who question, yearn and search, for not only life's love but, the very souls w/in us all that lead and drive us in that search. Search on people for, there's no better redemption for a lone soul, than that of a welcomed heart. <3 nbsp="">

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