Aug 6, 2013

Song written by Jeff Smith

~ Stop The Hands Of Time ~
June 13, 2013 at 11:37pm
Originally Written June 11tth, 2013. #1317       
 ~Rewritten June 13th, 2013, "Final Draft".

~  Stop The Hands Of Time ~

Another day has slowly turned to night
and pen in hand, under this vivid warm moon light,
Visions of you as they always seem to find
a door inside, this broken heart of mine,

Searching my soul, for the things I want to say
but it's no use, cause there's none that could convey,
My thoughts of you, I've held close from the start
of your love lost, in that boys still broken heart,...

~If I could stop the hands of time
honey, would it be a hurtful crime,
~To hold you close and never let you go
so many things I need for you to know,
So honey, tell me,..
~If I stopped the hands of time
baby would, I be then out of line,
~To kiss you soft, and whisper in your ear
until I die, I'll hold you oh so near,...

Cause baby it was you, and always you alone
and since that day, no other I've wished to've ever known,
So tell me honey, is it just too much to be
Alone again, my golden girl and me,

How the years and tears have quickly passed
like endless sand, in a broken hour glass,
no matter how, I try to stop its flow
the endless pain, of you just seems to grow,...

So baby tell me,.. 
~If I could stop the hands of time
honey, would it be then such a crime,
~To have you look into these eyes so blue
cause then you'd see, its you and only you,
~For whom I've wished to always turn and see
here by my side, holding and loving me,
~So little girl, if I stopped the hands of time
baby would I be then so out of line,
~To kiss you soft, and whisper in your ear
until I die, I'll hold you oh so near,....

And of those walks we'd take along the tracks
I'd walk you home everyday, after last class,
And of our spot, that only we would know
My golden girl, how you touched and loved me so,

Those summer nights, at the church across the street
and in the grass, two lovers hungry, young and sweet
your gentle touch how it rocked that boys young soul
within this heart, babe you'll never ever know,....

So honey tell me
~If I could stop the hands of time
tell me, would it be then such a crime,
~To tell you then, please just don't let me go
that love we shared, never again I'll ever know,
So baby tell me,...
~If I stopped the hands of time
my golden girl, would I then be out of line,
~To hold you close, and smell your pretty hair
whisper I love you, and show how much I care,

Cause it's been you, and you right from the start
the one I've yearned, to hand my very heart,
And hopefully, again there'll come a day
that golden girl, might turn to me to say,
That once again, she truly wants to be
held in my arms, forever close to me,....

A few years back, took a lonely tearful walk
down those same tracks 
Where two lovers, played and talked,
and there I came, upon our very loving spot
Where those same lovers 
yearned and so together sought,
To grow with passion, and a love they'd not forget
yet one's been living, within a heart of deep regret,
For never again, since I lost her sweet dear touch
has that boy, ever loved one quite as much,...

So honey tell me,..
~If I could stop the hands of time
would you still love me, would you say your love was mine,
~For there's no other, that Id rather wish to be
than in your arms, wild, untamed and free,
..So tell me baby,
~If I stopped the hands of time
would I be being, really out of line,
~to look at you, my lover, my long lost friend, 
And say to you, take my hand lets walk again,...

I wrote this song, for someone extremely dear to my heart. We shared, cried, laughed, and most importantly, loved each other Like I shall never know again. And should she see this someday, I want her to know, she'll till I take my very last breath, will be within that very breath.and the heart that has always been hers to take. I will cherish you, forever. I love you, my golden girl....

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