Sep 29, 2013

The Contract (My-Sir #1)

The Contract (My-Sir #1) 

This story is the beginning of a D/s relationship between two people who care passionately about one another. The have spent a great deal of time together in the past and now its time to make a decision.  Paige has determination and is willing to be what Nicholas needs, but she has some demands of her own. 

Paige, she is a strong willed woman dead set on what she wants. She has come to terms to the lifestyle she wants to have with Nicholas. Nicholas has his demands and wants a submissive that will adhere to his terms. Will Paige be the one to accept them? 

The writing was great, very informative. ER Pierce has painted a perfect picture for anyone to see the beginning of this type of relationship. It held me glued from the start, leaving me stranded for Lock and Key (My-Sir #2). 

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