Sep 10, 2013

John and Mandy's Office Encounter

As John walked into her office he knew what she had done.  He had that look on his face that said “he means what he says”.  Mandy had been dreading this encounter all morning; she wasn’t sure how upset he would be at her or what kind of punishment she would get for not completing the small, simple task he had laid out for her.  All she had to do was go in to that meeting with the vibrator inserted inside her.  But she knew, she wouldn’t be able to focus on the meeting and this was an important one for the company, she didn’t want to jeopardize this merger.
“Mandy, you did not do as I told you!” he said in deep stern voice.  “No Sir, I did not obey you, I wanted what was best for you and your company, I wanted to make sure I did the best that I could for you Sir.  I’m sorry; I didn’t want to be distracted.  I wanted to give you my all in that meeting.”  Mandy said in a soft spoken voice with her head bowed down.  She knew she had done wrong, but her confidence in herself was not what it should be.  This was something she had been working on for months.  She is a strong woman and very capable of any task I put to her.

John sat down on the office chair, hands clasped together with his elbows on his knees.  “Mandy come here to me NOW, I want you to bend over my knees, it’s time for you punishment.  Lift that skirt and take off those panties.”  Mandy stood up slipped off her panties and walked slowly over to where John was sitting.  She raised her skirt and bent down to lay over his lap.  John knew she liked this, but didn’t like it to be done here, she didn’t want any of this part of their relationship to come out in the office, and this was something they did in their private time.  But today she had wronged him and she knew it.   He took his hand and rubbed over the soft cheeks of her ass making her anticipate what he would do next.  He dipped his finger in between her lips and found she was wet.  He smirked; he knew she would be even though this was not the place for her to receive her punishment.   “Seems to me you want this punishment more than you are letting on Mandy.”  And before she could reply, he took his hand and smacked her hard on the right check.  She let out a tiny yelp, and then another slap quick and fast.  This time it was a moan he heard.  After about five more smacks on each cheek, he takes his hand and rubs her cheeks feeling the warmth from where his hand had been.  Massaging then, he slides his fingers down to check her wetness and she is so wet, she is almost dripping with need.  He smiles, and without telling her he slides his fingers into her opening.  She gasp for breath, her legs start to shake as she is filled with need and wants more; he knows this so he starts to slip his finger in and out of her slowly.  Mandy tries to move her hips with the rhythm of his hands and quickly he slaps her again, bringing her back to where she needs to be mentally.  “Don’t move Mandy, you are not allowed yet.”   She whimpers, staying still.  Softly she says “Yes Sir, I am sorry for not doing as I was told today.  Can you please forgive me?  I will never underestimate your confidence in me again.”   He smiles, but she can’t see him.  He knows she will fix this; it’s only for her own good.  Mandy is so strong willed, she can do this.  He rubs her ass again massaging it and says “Yes Mandy, I will forgive you.  If this ever happens again, you not believing what I say about you, then this spanking in the office will be minor to what the office staff will hear me doing to you next time.”  


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