Jun 10, 2013

Jake and Lisa are a loving reserved couple who are on a little vacation to Vegas to attend a family wedding.  It is the perfect opportunity to get away and be together.  While on their trip they notice their hotel is packed with people.  Come to find out a Big Men’s Club convention is taking place.  Lisa is very modest with her sex life and she and Jake live a very vanilla marriage, mind you Jake would love more, but he loves and respects his wife’s wishes.   
While on their trip they meet Tim who is attending the convention.  Lisa decides to strike up a conversation with him while they are stuck in the elevator.  Tim is here for the convention and Lisa make a reference to how the fact that Tim is tall, but not particularly big. She wonders if the name of the club should be the Tall Man’s Club. But, Tim changes her mind very quickly.
Jake sees that Lisa is curious, and he is more than willing to let her explore her wants.  He knows deep down she wants more but it too scared to mention or try.  So with Tim’s encouragement and Jake’s willingness she starts to let that bad girl side come to the surface.
The story has a little bit of all to enjoy; its romantic, sexy, little bit of submission and a whole lot on crazy!!!   Great short story!!  And Jake has many more to come!!

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