Aug 27, 2013

A Wonderful New Page filled with Beautiful Art, Words, and a whole lot more!

This page, is intended for lovers of "Beautiful "Black & White", photography, as well as beautiful art, from around the world. Private / Professional writers, Photographers are welcomed to share their art here. "No One", is not welcomed here.


This page; is not owned but, instead created for all artists, in and from any genre', "respectfully". It is also all of yours as spectators, just as much as it is mine in creating it. It is a place to come and share the beauty in an artist's soul and, the hearts that assist them in creating it. It is; of all genres, poetry, writing, painting, sculpting, music, photography, etc. It is a page; in which being that of the arts, must have readers and on lookers with vision, depth, and an awareness that art comes in many different variations and plateaus of its conveyance. My greatest wish in creating this page is that; we as adults, are able to see with eyes not just in viewing the work but, with open minds and hearts free of negative judgement in making it a happy, inspiring, loving, sharing atmosphere. Much of the material may be at times; edgy, sexy, riveting, and not of your average deemed, "norm". In saying; I have specifically personally picked "you" as one of the on lookers, in assuring and knowing, the ones I've selected out of a very many have the inner vision, maturity, and sense about them to appreciate all art for what it is in its beauty, no matter how edgy. If you're here there's a reason and that reason is "because I feel and know you to be of an open mind, as well as an open compassionate heart". I respectfully and very sincerely hope that; should anyone find something too "personally for them" edgy, graphic in content, "no matter the material", they have the respect and inner care to simply move on. Please do not report it but; instead allow the distinction between and within us all, to allow others the respect in their own opinions by viewing it. Art is a "many splendored visually as well as emotionally driven thing". It's conveyances in it's multiple genres and varying plateaus, are many and must have respect from the viewers in that allowance. Please know; this is your home, your very place to visit, to share, to love and in saying that; I can only hope that you enjoy, "your house", as it was built for every single one of you. Please lets not break it down but rather; love each other and, continue building an empire of love on every level as we continue building together, our very beautiful home. I love each one of you and; so very much appreciate all your patience in me, in "finally" bringing this to fruition. It's taken me an unbelievable amount of work and personal time in getting here and I'm nearly as happy in being "finally" done, as I am to "finally" share it. I so very much appreciate all of your patience and support of me along this trek of mine, for us all. Please make yourselves at home as, it is yours. Love to you all and please enjoy. Respectfully, ~Jeff~

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