Aug 18, 2013

"Who wants to go Camping?" by Will Laforge

Congrats to Will Laforge who submitted this piece of excellence in a writing contest!!

He Won!!!  

"Who wants to go Camping?"
by Will LaForge

The disgusting smell of burnt marshmallows tickled Erin’s nose. She stared at the crackling fire and tried to make believe it was her cozy fireplace at home. Erin hated the outdoors and every snapped twig, cricket chirp or owl hoot filled her heart with dread. She squirmed in the uncompromising camp chair and tried without success to get comfortable. She sighed and gulped down her glass of wine in one long swallow.

“Honey, more wine?” Craig asked. Her ever-vigilant woodsman.

“I don’t think you brought enough wine,” she muttered under her breath. “But pour me another glass anyway. Maybe if I’m drunk, this trip won’t seem so bad.”

Dark clouds swirled in his slate grey eyes. She knew she'd bitched all day, complaining about anything and everything. Yes, it was a beautiful warm summer night, but something pushed her to find his limit. How much would it take before he realized what she needed?

He didn’t say another word nor did he refill her glass. He went to their tent and rummaged through his knapsack. When he extracted a short length of rope, and her yoga blanket, liquid desire gushed between her legs. He knew.

Wet heat soaked her panties. He was the only man who’d ever understood her needs...deep down she was a true submissive, she needed to be tamed.

The wool landed at her feet. “Erin Rachel Carter, I’ve had enough of your bratty mouth for one day. Position Two.”

Erin stood and began to undress.

“Leave your panties on.”

“Yes Sir.”

She eased to her knees, and then leaned forward until her head touched the blanket with her hands clasped behind her back. The rope snaked around her wrists and she groaned as the rough hemp absorbed all the tension in her body. Strong hands pushed her panties to the side. First one, then two well-lubricated fingers pushed deep inside her anal channel.

“Relax,” he barked. “You know you want it.”

Oh god yes, she wanted it bad. She groaned when the fingers left her greedy hole, but quickly bit her lip with joy when Craig’s rock hard cock pushed against her rosebud.

“Take it,” he growled as he shoved his lubed full length inside her ass.

He rode her rough and hard the way she needed it. The walls of her pussy contracted and her clit throbbed each time his balls smacked against her lips.

“Sir, please, please.”

He laced his fingers through her hair and pulled. “Please what?”

“Please let me cum.”

In seconds, both of her hands were free. One hand flew to her clit and she’d barely touched the tender nubbin when her climax ripped through her body.

“Fuck,” she screamed. “I’m coming.”

He jacked hammered in and out of her ass and she squeezed her muscles to suck a deluge of cream from his balls. “Cum Erin, cum. Oh my god, I’m coming too.”

An owl hooted nearby and she barely noticed. Perhaps this weekend wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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